Miley Cyrus mourns her dead dog through her recent Instagram story

Miley Cyrus shares a picture of Mary Jane, mourning her passing away even after 10 years.

Miley Cyrus is all sad and melancholic sharing her dead dog’s picture over her Instagram story! The queen of pop and rock recently took to her Instagram account giving us all love she could possibly show for her late dog.


It had been ten years that Mary Jane left Miley leaving behind her memories to rely on. However, after all these years, Mary Jane’s death came to her as a constant reminder of how loved that dog was to her. Miley shared a close-up picture of her dog with a sad song playing in the background with any caption on the story tagged along.

It becomes really hard for a normal person to see a pet so loved to die out of sudden despair, moreover, this ex Disney star is a sculpting pet lover and equally loves each of her kids dearly. The death of Mary Jane was surely a devastating heartbreak that the star has ever gone through. We are here for you girl!


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