Misinformation regarding vaccines is a threat to all

The United States surgeon general published a report this week calling for a whole-of-society response to the misinformation being spread regarding health, labeling it a “serious threat to public health.” The report covers a wide arena of misinformation, ranging from masks to unproven drugs.

Albeit, the primary focus of Surgeon General Vivek Murthy’s comments was vaccines. The U.S. is grappling with stagnated vaccination rates, with only about 500,000 shots being administered per day. Many regions of the country have a majority of residents not availing of the immunization service.

This stagnation and unwillingness to get jabbed are credited to the fast-spreading misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccines. The alarming spread of the Delta coronavirus variant is seeing the case count increase across the country, especially in areas observing low vaccination rates. In the Los Angeles Country, every individual hospitalized with COVID-19 is unvaccinated. Meanwhile, in Louisiana, 94% of COVID-19 cases reported since May were of people who have not received their vaccinations.

Whereas in Missouri, the epicenter Delta variant case surge, exhaustion has overcome health care workers witnessing COVID-19 cases and deaths in huge numbers every day. There is frustration amongst the rank towards the people in the community that is not getting vaccinated. Making things worse are the theories that claim the vaccine to be the cause of the spike, and the callousness of the youth who think getting vaccinated is unnecessary and redundant. In addition to this, there is a rumor making the run that the vaccine contains a microchip

“We are going to see more people get really sick. We are going to see a lot of people die,” Katie Towns, the acting health director at the Springfield-Greene County Health Department in Missouri, told The Washington Post.