Moderna Chairman urges cautionary action; Kim Jong Un announces a “great crisis” due to COVID-19

Moderna Inc.’s chairman commits to continue testing the drugmaker’s Covid vaccine against variants and vowed against “putting our guard down” as the emergence of new variants and mutations continues.

Meanwhile, residents in Singapore who opt for the Chinese Sinovac Biotech Ltd. vaccine will not receive the same benefits in regards to the easing of restrictions as those with government-approved RNA shots produced by Moderna and Pfizer Inc.

Furthermore, a deal is soon to be made between Valneva SE and the European Union for the purchase of Valneva’s vaccine after multiple rounds of talks were left abandoned earlier this year, according to certain experts.

In regards to the situation in North Korea, Kim Jong Un said a “grave” situation created due to the negligence of quarantine norms and regulation has led to a “great crisis” in the country, according to a state media report. North Korea had priorly claimed to have avoided COVID-19 altogether.

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