National Beer Day goes trending on Twitter

It’s National Beer Day and we cannot wait to chug on one!

While the world is still suffering from the coronavirus chaos, we beer lovers are saving the world by being in our couches holding a beer can. It’s celebration time as it is national beer day where we can officially and legally get wasted and we won’t be guilty about it. Of course, staying indoors!

While people are concerned about the pandemic situation it is definitely not stopping them to “chug” on a gallon of beer. The lovers and drinkers started pouring on the internet their love for drinking and beer creating a worldwide trend of hashtag national beer day. People can be seen sharing memes, stories of the time they were wasted, pictures of them holding a beer, and more.

Beer is something that every American loves as we do not host a barbeque party without a glass of chilled beer. However, the love for the beer drinkers is trending higher than the expected emotions. Don’t drink and drive guys!