Net neutrality and ISPs competition, key points of President Biden’s executive order

President Bide, issuing his 52nd executive order since taking office, has called for an increase in regulations and accountability of major corporations in hopes to improve competition in numerous industries that range from agriculture to transportation. A key mention in the list is internet providers since broadband remains of great importance to the president’s domestic agenda.

Four of the EO orders are specifically about broadband internet and urges the Federal Communications Commission to enact several of the measures to improve competition and transparency amongst all broadband providers.

Key points from the orders are as follows:

  • According to the FCC, America’s digital divide penetrates the suburbs and even major cities as some 200 million people only have one or two viable broadband options. If enacted by the FCC, President Biden’s order would give residents the right to more internet options while effectively encouraging competing providers to extend service to new.
  • Currently, internet providers are not required to disclose their standard pricing, thereby allowing providers to withhold information from customers as to the amount they’ll be paying when the rates increase after 12 months.
  • The president’s order aims to address the lack of transparent pricing among broadband providers by reviving the “Broadband Nutrition Label,” an effort initiated during the Obama administration but halted under President Trump.
  • If the order is re-enacted by the FCC, it would require broadband providers to disclose their prices and subscriptions rates to the FCC, including their speed and availability data.
  • President Biden’s order encourages the FCC to put a limitation on the excessive early termination fees but does not clarify the definition of “excessive”. This shall provide consumers with ease when it comes to changing internet providers.
  • Encourages the FCC to restore Net Neutrality, which would once again prohibit ISPs from intentionally blocking or slowing a customer’s internet service
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