New YouTube Feature Shows Real-Time Stats Despite Mixed Reviews

YouTube recently introduced a new feature that showcases real-time view and like counts on videos. Initially revealed in October, this feature includes subtle animations when the numbers are updated, even if the video is paused.

Here are some key details about the real-time counts:


  • The view and like counters display animated changes, whether the video is playing or paused.
  • Users do not have the option to disable the real-time view and like displays, as the feature is activated by default.
  • Real-time stats are visible exclusively during the first 24 hours after a video is uploaded. Subsequently, view and like counts return to periodic updates.
  • The primary aim of real-time view and like counts is to enable viewers to actively monitor the early popularity of recently uploaded videos. However, certain Reddit users have expressed criticism, describing the constant animations as distracting and “obnoxious.”

Despite a mixed initial reception, the feature is designed to enhance the YouTube user experience by providing immediate feedback on video performance. As YouTube continues to develop in-house features, third-party platforms such as,, and utilize YouTube’s API to offer real-time statistics on views, likes, dislikes, comments, and more. These alternative tools ensure that users can access accurate and up-to-date counts.