No need for mask for fully vaccinated people in most outdoor activities: CDC Guideline

In the updated guideline, the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) Tuesday said that people who are fully vaccinated can gather indoors with people who are fully vaccinated without having to wear a mask.

CDC said that fully vaccinated people can start their activities which they had once stopped due to pandemics, such as going for a jog, dine in a restaurant patio, and do other outdoor activities without wearing a mask.

President Biden tweeted on a similar topic by saying, “if you’re outdoors and not in a large crowd, you no longer need to wear a mask.”

As per the CDC guidelines, the only time fully vaccinated people has to wear a mask is when they are outdoors in large crowds, such as parades, and concerts.

People who are yet to be fully vaccinated can take part in small outdoor gatherings with the fully vaccinated people, and enjoy outdoor activities, the CDC said. However, unvaccinated people will be required to put on a mask when taking part in any outdoor activities.