Olivia Rodrigo snaps back on ‘Driving License’ receiving criticism; Asks, “Do you want me to write a song about income taxes?”

Olivia Rodrigo who has become a famed musician overnight with her song Driving License opens up about criticism .

Olivia Rodrigo, a 18 year old musician, released her first single the Driving License in January. Just four days after, it broke records for the most single-day streams in Spotify. The very next day it broke the same record again. 10 weeks after it became the No 1 in US and No 9 in the UK. It had streamed more than 1.9bn times by then. The next week she makes her first live at the Brits, a week later the Saturday Night Live, and then a week later she releases her debut album, Sour. How fast can a individual become a music icon. Its the story of Olivia Rodrigo.

“It’s interesting, heartbreaks when you’re 16 or 17… because you don’t yet have that perspective of knowing that life goes on and you’re gonna meet other people; that it wasn’t the only happy experience you’ll ever have.” She recounts a day on set where the cast was filming “a really poppy, happy dance number,” says Rodrigo.