President Biden deliver remarks at Tidewaters Community College, talks about his financial struggles as a single father

President Joe Biden along with the first lady delivered a speech at the Tidewaters Community College. The remarks were available on Twitter and could be viewed by the audience worldwide live.

Biden promoted and talked in-depth about the American Families Plan highlighting his own financial struggles as a single father even when he was a Senate member due to overly expensive childcare.

As described by former United States Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice in a tweet by Biden a few days back, “The American Families Plan is a once in a lifetime $1.8 trillion dollar investment into American families and children.”

A key part of this plan is as he mentioned that even though the wealthiest would be paying their share which they weren’t earlier estimated from $40 billion from 50 industrial giants, this would not result in any deficit and would rather cut the child poverty in half by the year 2025 and those earning any less than $400,000 would not see any changes in their taxes.

Ambitious about strengthening the middle class of the country through steady employment, free preschool education to children aged 3-4, and free community college, Biden discussed the significant components of the plan that would come into action and the importance of considering the nation as one for its growth and education and making it compete better and stronger in the face of other developed competitors.