Prince Philip got his last wish granted while death greeted him as a friend

Prince Philip never wanted to be 100 and it looks like his wish came true!

His demise was a wish that got granted! His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh was just two months away from his 100th birthday and the seems like he didn’t want to turn 100.


The Prince of Britain died at the age of 99 in his sleep at the Winsdor palace on Friday morning bringing great grief to the family. Turns out, the greatness didn’t even want to turn 100 and live another dreadful year. One time while interviewing with the Telegraph magazine’s Gyles Brandeth, the Duke remarked saying, “I can’t imagine anything worse, bits of me are falling off already.” The piece was published in 2019 which clearly states that the death came as a gift from above for the prince.

He had no desire to become a living centenarian and it looks like his wish was granted. He was admitted to the hospital amidst the covid situation leading to minor illness in late March. He left a dark hole in everyone’s life.

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