Protests that changed the history of America

The Quaker Petition Against Slavery
April 16, 1688
It marked the first time ever, any document was officially signed against slavery and further spoke of Universal Human Rights. It was done to highlight the wronged Africans who were enslaved in 13 colonies by a religious body.

The Boston Tea Party
December 16, 1773
A raid by American colonists in response to the British Tea Tax, 1773. The colonists threw cartons upon cartons of tea into the water at Boston Harbour after they had enough of taxes that were levied on either no basis or at extorting rates. ‘Taxation Without Representation’ took its roots here. This somehow marked the start of the American Revolution.

The Seneca Falls Convention
July 19, 1848
The first women’s rights convention where they protested against the discrimination they were subjected to, against the social, economical, civil and religious evils they had to go through. It gave birth to the Women’s Suffrage Movement. It was only seven decades after this convention, in 1919, that women were given the right to vote; The struggles of women in this convention can only be imagined.

The Civil Rights Movement
It was inspired by MK Gandhi’s Civil Disobedience Movement. Under the guidance of Martin Luther King Jr. and the cooperation of then-President John F. Kennedy, this movement is one of a kind. Thousands of African- Americans peacefully protested for the very basic fundamental rights that would provide legal security against discrimination on the basis of colour and race.

Gay Liberation Day
June 28, 1970, and 1973
Now known as Christopher Street Liberation Day which marks the day of the Stonewall Riots, the first gay parades in the USA. It is a day when the LGBTQ+ community including their proud allies march to honour the many struggles their presiders went through. The month of June is celebrated as ‘Pride Month’.

Protests against Iraq War
February 15, 2003
Millions of American protested to acknowledge, sympathise and amplify the struggles in the Iraq war and in solidarity asked their government to pull back. The protest soon became a worldwide movement, around 3000 protests took place for the cause.

The People’s Climate March
September 21, 2014
This nationwide protest had been arranged at about a million locations, people who believed in the cause showed up in huge numbers. It was in the context of climate change and the hazards that it brought along.

The Women’s March of 2017
January 20, 2018
Women’s Marches are organised every year, however, this particular one holds a particular value because of the turnout. It took place right after the inauguration of Trump’s Administration and the women of America have realised and seen quite a few times in the past that Mr Trump was not only a non-supporter but also historically notorious around Women’ Rights and safety.

The Black Lives Matter Protests, 2020
May- July 2020
The protests took the world by storm in the midst of a raging pandemic, when a youth-led crowd took to streets enraged, determined and peaceful (to an extent). Footage that disheartened as much as infuriated America, of George Floyd- a 40-year man choked to death by kneeing his neck by no less than a Police Officer because of the colour of his skin.
Masses, celebrities, influencers and everyone in between, all who believe in equality stepped out of their homes, banner in hand, chanting Floyd’s last words- ‘I can’t breathe’ until justice was served and even beyond that. That crowd made millions realise that not being a racist was not and never will be enough, the prejudice will only end when every individual becomes an anti-racist.