Queen Elizabeth does her own makeup most of the times following Kate Middleton

The Queen of England comes out as a masterpiece anytime she steps out for an event and now we know the reason behind it.

The Royal ladies do know how to look their best even without high-end makeup artists! Many people who see the royal ladies dressed up in luxury might assume that they would be hiring makeup artists to do their hair and makeup. However, the case is actually different!


Recently revealed that Her Majesty the Queen actually does her makeup on her own just like her grand-daughter- in law, Kate Middleton. Queen only hires a makeup artist once a year for any special occasion to do her styling but on other days she carves her face herself without any help.
We all know how Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, does all her makeup by herself, and now knowing the fact that Elizabeth II follows the same, we wonder who learned from whom? Both the royal ladies are stunning fashion icons and the world would be thrilled to know their routine and system. Who does not wanna look like a royal!

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