Queen Elizabeth II losses her life support, Prince Philip, to an untimely demise

The world mourns the death of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh after the Queen announces the untimely demise of her beloved husband.

The dawn of darkness render upon the Royal Family with the death of our beloved His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.


Recently, the royal family correspondence took to the official page on Instagram announcing the demise of HRH. As stated by the insider of the Royal Family, Prince passed away on Friday morning peaceful like a morning sun, while resting in his Windsor Castle. Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II took all the courage in announcing the death of her beloved to the nation.

Prince Philip was a brave hearted man who made his journey from a harsh scrutiny to being the “king” of Britain. His Royal Highness was 99 years old and the untimely death of his brought pain and suffering to the entire commonwealth nation. Duke of Edinburgh has been a great father figure to his children and grandchildren who stood like a battling figure for the Queen. Starting from giving up his previous royal titles to helping the Elizabeth with her nation duties, Prince Philip was a pioneer of what Britain strongly stands upon. His Royal Highness was the one who brought “modernization” to the closed doors of Buckingham palace giving the world a chance to see the royals upfront in all their glories.

Further announcements will be made by the Queen in due time conceiving the untimely event that she had to put on with. The Duke of Edinburgh passed away surrounded by his loves ones preparing for a life of enternity in all our hearts. Rest in peace, your majesty!

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