Riverside County sees a five fold increase in COVID-19 cases, new data reveals

In a new data released on Tuesday, it was found that COVID-19 cases have increased fivefold in the past two months in Riverside County in California.

Despite the increase in positivity rate and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommendation to wear masks indoors in high transmission areas, Riverside County has not changed its masking guidance.

“Riverside County Public Health is aware of the most recent guidance/recommendations from the CDC regarding the use of masks for vaccinated individuals in high transmission areas. We are reviewing the action and are awaiting guidance/recommendations from state health officials.” Said county spokesperson Jose Arballo Jr. in a statement.

The new data revealed showed that the county’s overall positivity rate is 6.5% now, compared to 1.1% in the last month.

According to Riverside County Public Health Officer Dr. Geoffrey Leung, the most effective tool against the sudden spike in cases is vaccination.

“When we look at the state of California, of all vaccinated people, only 0.05% of the vaccinated individuals have had a post-COVID infection, and that typically is very mild,” Leung said.

“Nationwide, we know that 97% of new COVID hospitalizations are occurring in the unvaccinated individuals, and that’s really a reminder to how effective the COVID vaccine is.” He added.

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