Rosemarie DeWitt to feature in HBO’s limited drama series The Staircase

Have a look at how the series is going to be aired

HBO’s limited drama series The Staircase, will also feature Rosemarie DeWitt alongside Colin Firth, which is based on the true-time crime docuseries.

The series will be directed by American crime stories director Antonio Campos and will focus on the life of Michael Peterson and his family from North Carolina and the suspicious death of the protagonist’s wife Kathleen played by Toni Collette while Dewitt will portray Kathleen Peterson Candace Zamperini.

It is based on various reports and books on Michel Peterson’s case in which he was convicted of killing his wife. Later he was released from prison in 2017. He claimed that his wife fell from the staircase.

The series is produced by Campos and Cohn, and they will also work on it as showrunners.

Rosemarie was recently seen in the movie “Professor”, opposite Johnny Depp and worked in Hulu’s Little Fires Everywhere.