Indian star Samarpan Singh juggling between reel and real

In Hollywood, we often find superheroes juggling between two identities and job descriptions. Clark Kent is a photographer with Daily Planet, but turns into Superman. Bruce Wayne is a successful industrialist who turns into Batman.

But those are stories with fictional characters interchanging personalities. One might think Monday in regular life is different. Or is it? Think twice!


We are not talking of Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne. We are talking about Bollywood star Samarpan Singh. And his story too is quite unique. The dude lives a life which some may dream of, but not many get to live.

Samarpan is a doctor by profession and takes care of people in medical need. But apart from his goal of nurturing lives, he has turned a new leaf in his career in the glam profession of acting.

Starting out a few months ago, playing the lead in LuvDown, a web series which appeared on Disney+ Hotstar, Samarpan is now gearing up for a debut in movies. He will soon be seen in a Hindi feature film titled O2.

And if you are wondering what role this doctor-actor is playing in O2, let us surprise you even more! The story of O2 revolves around the plight many faced during the Coronavirus pandemic, when there was a scarcity of oxygen cylinders for COVID-19 patients.

As if echoing the noble work Samarpan does in real life, the actor plays the lead character of a doctor with the nickname of Doctor Jugaad in O2, who tirelessly works on saving his patients during the pandemic.

Didn’t we say, Samarpan has a unique life! Let’s see. How does one articulate this !?! Something like they say, having the cake and eating it too. 😉 Right?