Security Services’ Importance Highlighted by Capture of Weld County’s Most Wanted Suspect, says United Protective Services LLC

Denver-based security firm United Protective Services LLC comments on a recent article that, while property theft will always be a risk for businesses and individuals, the risk of major losses can be minimized with a thoughtful security approach.

DENVER, May 16, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — An April 26 article on Denver ABC 7 reports on the arrest of a man suspected of nearly $500,000 worth of property theft by deputies with the Weld County Sheriff’s Office. Colton Thompson, already a fugitive on a domestic violence warrant and considered the most wanted man in the county, was charged with 18 felonies and seven other counts. The suspect may not have quite been a one-man crime wave, however; authorities allege he is part of a ring that focuses on expensive property used by businesses and individuals, including vehicles and expensive power tools. Colorado-based security firm United Protective Services LLC says that, while Mr. Thompson is alleged to be a prolific career criminal – and most wrongdoers are amateurs – even a pro can be discouraged from targeting a business by a highly visible security presence or, when that fails, apprehended with the help of outstanding surveillance technology.


United Protective Services points out that the vast majority of petty thieves or would-be intruders or vandals, are highly opportunistic and can be easily discouraged by one or more highly visible uniformed security guards and the visible presence of strong surveillance technology. As for more serious thieves, they are also opportunistic, but more methodical and willing to expend time and effort for a potentially large payoff. They will still look for softer targets that are easier to penetrate without risking capture but it may take more to keep them away. Thus, the more comprehensive the security at a site may be, the more likely it is that criminals will decide to look for a softer target.

The security service points out that it offers its clients a wide variety of options when it comes to highly trained and experienced uniformed security personnel as well as the very latest in surveillance technology. From businesses selling vehicles, jewelry, or pharmaceuticals, to managers and owners who may need a construction site security patrol to monitor the perimeter of large property, United Protective Services says that is here to provide the finest hands-on services in the state.

Finally, United Protective Services notes that, whether dealing with seasoned professional criminals or adolescent petty thieves, its team of highly trained guards knows how to handle situations in a completely professional manner that seeks to de-escalate fraught situations. The goal is always to either discourage bad actors or, when that fails, to remove them from the premises and, when appropriate, to turn them over to local law enforcement while always using the minimum necessary force to accomplish the task. In today’s tense environment, lowering the temperature of difficult situations is always good business, says the security firm.

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