Should I Contact An Attorney If I Fell Down a Flight of Stairs?

Based on a recent study done by the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, injuries caused by slip and falls down a flight of stairs are unexpectedly common, with over a million people being admitted in emergency rooms each year for treatment of such accidents.  Traumatic brain injury, strains, spine and hip fractures are some of the serious injuries that you can incur if you fell down a flight of stairs. Nevertheless, if you believe this type of accident may have been caused by a hazardous condition on the stairs of another’s property, be sure to contact an attorney who can help in establishing a settlement claim against the property owner. That being the case, there are several reasons why you should contact an attorney if you ever slip and fall down the stairs.

To obtain a valuable settlement amount


Contacting an attorney who is experienced in slip and fall lawsuits can help in determining a valuable settlement amount. This involves assessing the extent of your injuries and gathering credible evidence such as obtaining your medical records or bills, employment records showing lost income due to this type of accident and non-economic losses such as loss of confidence, pain and suffering. With this information, your lawyer can prove the extent of the damages you incurred to demand a significant settlement amount.

To prove the property owner is at fault

While slipping and falling down the stairs may be the fault of the property owner it might be an entirely hard process in proving it. This is because the property owner may also argue that you were partially at fault in the accident by saying you were distracted or using your phone before the incident or you were aware of the unsafe condition.

For this reason, your lawyer can prove the negligence of the property owner, making them fully liable for the accident by proving the property owner failed in their duty of care by exposing you to hazardous conditions. Additionally, your lawyer can prove that the premises owner knew of the dangerous conditions but either assumed or failed to remedy or repair the problem. The property owner can also deny awareness of the unsafe conditions but your lawyer should still prove the existence of the owner’s liability by showing how a reasonable person obligated to the stairway condition could have discovered it’s unsafe nature and taken repair measures.


Stairwell slip and falls can be caused by loose railings, wet or snowy stairs, crooked stairways, defective handrails, poor stairway lighting, debris on the stairway and much more. As a result, you should consult an attorney who should prove that the property owner was negligent resulting in the accident. Additionally, your attorney can help in recovering financial losses incurred, lost wages, pain and suffering and lost earning potential. Therefore, you shouldn’t have to deal with the aftermath of a slip and fall accident alone as you could seek justice with the help of an experienced attorney.