Singapore – A Tuition Nation?

Singapore is widely known as a “tuition nation.” This tag has been associated with the country for a long time now for different reasons. Today, in this blog, we will shed some light on why Singapore is called a tuition nation, and how tuition can not only help build a child’s academic career but also pave the way for its success.

The secret to achieving academic success

As a matter of fact, the success of any student, no matter which standard they are in, is largely determined by how disciplined, motivated, and dedicated they are towards their academics and career.

Academically dull or just demotivated?

Academic tuitions are not essential for high grades and ranks in Singapore. Some of the greatest teachers in Singapore have reported that most students are neither weak in their studies nor are they academically dull.

They are only demotivated, undedicated, and unwilling towards their studies. This should explain why a vast majority of students tends to procrastinate when it comes to studies.

Helping students overcome their procrastinating tendencies

This procrastinating behavior of students can be changed if three factors are taken into consideration. If any of these factors is missing, then tuitions are the last resort for any student. This is probably why most economics students prefer going for economics tuition in Singapore.

  • The first factor is teachers paying proper attention and investing full effort into their teaching methods.
  • The second factor is students paying entire attention to their studies, especially during class.
  • The third and the last factor is parents’ encouragement. It requires parents to motivate their children and push them towards studies in constructive and polite ways.

Role of the Education Ministry

In this scenario, Education Ministry also has a role to play. It has to make sure that teachers are investing their complete effort in educating the students and there is no margin left for private tuitions. Especially, for students studying challenging subjects like economics, the ministry should be providing affordable JC economics tuition in Singapore.

Why teachers in Singapore prefer offering private tuitions?

This also incorporates more inspection towards the fact that a larger number of teachers in Singapore are leaving their public teaching jobs and enrolling themselves into private tuitions. The major reason for this seems to be the higher pay scale that has been offered to the teachers in private tuitions rather than that at schools.

Moreover, Singapore has joined hands with South Korea and Hong Kong as a tuition nation where they are charging higher teaching fees. This approach has been instilled in the minds of Asian people because, according to them, private tuitions guarantee academic success on a larger scale.


When all is said and done, many factors come into play to make Singapore stand as the tuition nation on an international level. The regard Singaporean people have for quality education and academic excellence can be seen in the academic performance of the Singaporean youth. The only problem, however, lies in the general perception of quality education being highly expensive.

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