Take a look at Billboard Music Awards Top Social Artist 2021

BBMAS 2021 is here and lets check out whos surfing the tides.

SB19, BTS, Blackpink, Seventeen, Ariana Grande everybody are there in the list.

In the Billboard Music Awards 2021 for the Top social artist category, most of the nominees were found to be from the K-Pop scene. SB19, BTS, Blackpink, Seventeen, Ariana Grande, everybody is there. With the voting section happening in social media as we speak, let’s look at the top scorers and trends.

Three out of the five nominees are famous South Korean bands in the Top Social Artist category. A five-time nominee and four-time winners, BTS holds a high margin according to the statistics of trends in social media. Blackpink and Seventeen are first-time nominees to the category. For Ariana Grande who has been nominated, all her hopes to have first won this time may come to an end with the BTS Army doing its job.

Some of the BTS fans have already reached their voting limits:

The BTS fans were active on Twitter wishing V on his birthday as they always do and also wishing mother’s day to all BTS mothers. When it comes to taking down social media, the BTS Army is one of a kind.

The strongest contender for BBMAS award, the BTS also received the: