‘The Real Is Back’ trends on Twitter

The real is back is trending on Twitter and here’s why

โ€˜The Real Is Back ‘ is trending on Twitter and J Cole’s fans are in a frenzy.

Complex Music tweeted a 0.07 second video, captioned, โ€œthe real is back the ville is back”, following emojis, โ€œj cole dropping next week”. The video is a kind of meme with a man saying, โ€œJ Cole?”




He then faces the other way. The background music adds to the fun element.

Jermaine Lamarr Cole, the German-American singer, songwriter, and record producer and of course the most influential rappers of his generation. It all began with his debut mixtape ‘The Come Up’ in 2007.

Now, the memes begin.

However, others are in confusion like us!

Others are as excited as they are.

Let’s hope and wait for the J Cole’s music to drop next week, till then Stay Tuned!