These 3 ways to get no-heat curls at home are incredibly easy

Curling your hair can be the biggest pain anyone can ever afford! Yes, if you love bouncy curly hairs then you might not be impressed using a curling iron. Why? It is damaging your hair from the roots causing that increased hair fall which is making you cry your eyes out. But are there other ways to get lustrous curls without any heat damage? Yes, definitely! We bought you some of the best-tested ways through which you can easily get that voluminous bouncy curls without any worry to damage your beautiful hair.


  1. Scrunching

It is one of the effective ways to style your hair into curls. All you need is a styling mousse or gel for that extra volume and those easy-to-use scrunched that can easily hold your hair in place. Make sure you follow this step while your hair still damp after the shower.

2. Pin Curls

This is one of the classic styles of getting those perfect 80s curly look. All you will be requiring is lots and lots of pins to stack your hair in place. For this step, apply some hair gel on your hair, and then circle your hair according to the need of your curls, and then pin them to the places for that shape. Make sure to leave it overnight for that super sexy old diva curls look.

3. Braids

Braiding is one of the easiest techniques that require no extra work. All you need is hair ties and hairspray or hair gel for the volume. This method should be done after you take a shower with 70% dry hair. Dry your hair, apply the styling gel and then simply part your hair and braid them accordingly. Leave it till your hair is completely dry or even overnight for those beachy wavey look you always craved for.


Who knew getting curls would be so easy with these no-heat styling tips. So, the next time you plan a beach day out or a simple curl for a fun day, remember these steps and spare your hair from those heating appliances.