Top 10 automated countries in the world

Huge strides have been made in the robotics field. Countries are investing a large amount of money in robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) as they are the future. In many countries like Singapore and South Korea, automotive and manufacturing industries have become 50% automated. Robotic density is a measurement used to track the number of robots per 10,000 workers in an industry. Based on the International Federation of Robotics (IFR)  report, here’s a look at the top 10 automated countries in the world:

1. Singapore:  With 918 robots per 10,000 employees, Singapore has the highest robotic density in the world. In 2016, Singapore invested over $450 million to promote the adoption and development of robotics solutions in healthcare, construction, and manufacturing. In 2020, another $19 billion was pledged for the development of robotics in five years. 

2.  South Korea: The Republic of Korea currently has 863 robots per 10,000 employees. In 2010 it was announced that $450 million will be spent in five years to grow its robotics footprint. The country ramped up its budget, primarily to meet the healthcare requirements of the aging population. By the end of 2021, more than 630,000 industrial robotic units are expected to be delivered to the country.

3. Japan: Japan is the world’s predominant robot manufacturer. The country has 364 robots per 10,000 employees. The primary customers for industrial robots are the electronics industry (34% share), automotive industry (32% share), machinery industry (13% share).

4. Germany: The country has 346 industrial robots making it the largest robot market in Europe. German automotive industry has the highest robotic density in the world. 

5. Sweden: Sweden ranks 5th in terms of robotic density, with 274 robots. Like Germany, Sweden has a high robotic density due to its automotive prominence. Sweden has already set up job security councils to help people if they are affected by increased robotic presence.

6. Denmark: Denmark holds the 6th position with 243 robots. The manufacturing industry is the primary customer of robotics. Denmark is also one of the ideal places for testing and development of robotics technology.

7. USA: With 228 robots, USA is yet another strong competitor in the robotics market. Since 2010, 135,000 robots have been installed across the nation. Yet again, the automotive industry uses the most number of robots.

8. Hong Kong: The country gained prominence due to its production of human-like robots that are used in various sectors including entertainment, healthcare, and research