Top 10 trekking spots in the world

“To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles”. This quote by Mary Davis pretty much summarises the experience of trekking. To climb a mountain, to walk in a foreign land, to stop and to take in the view, well, trekking is indeed a wholesome and life-changing experience. It is also an activity where you push yourself to the limits and so a good amount of training and preparation is required before doing it. Here’s a list of trekking spots for all the hikers and nature lovers:

1. Everest Base Camp, Nepal


This life-altering trek will take almost three weeks to reach an altitude of 5,545m. During this trek, you’ll get to see Sherpa villages, Buddhist monasteries, and some of the famous rivers as well. The trek also offers a breathtaking view of the world’s tallest mountain, Everest. 


2. The Narrows, USA

Passing through the Zion National Park, this 16-mile path is the narrowest part of the Zion canyon, as the name suggests. Part of this hike is spent wading and hiking. This trek can be completed in a day, but most people prefer to camp in the park. 


3. Routeburn Track, New Zealand

Passing through two national parks: Fiordland and Mt Aspiring, this path is a 32 km track which is covered in three days. This trek offers scenic views of soaring mountains, beautiful waterfalls, and breathtaking lakes. Most hikers camp at the Routeburn falls, before continuing their journey.


4. GR20, France

This rocky and steep, 158km (15 days approx)  is one of the most notorious trekking paths in Europe. This path offers it all: forests, glacial lakes, and snow-capped mountains. This terrain can be a major challenge even for the most experienced hikers. 


5. K2 Base Camp (Pakistan)

Considered as one of the greatest treks in the world, this 15-day trek leads you to the second tallest mountain in the world, K2. It is also a path that offers scenic landscapes and breathtaking views. It takes 15 days to complete the trek. Concordia, also known as the “Throne Room of the Gods”, is the hardest track to cover due to the high altitude. 


6. The Haute Route (France-Switzerland)

The Haute Route in the French Alps is known for its summer walk and winter skiing routes. The summer walk, one of the most preferred trekking experiences, usually takes two weeks to complete. 


7. Snowman Trek (Bhutan)

An extension of the Laya Gasa trail, this is yet another challenging trail due to the incessant rains and snow. Isolated from the outside world, this trail is for experienced hikers. 


8. Inca Trail, Peru

A trail that leads from the Sacred Valley to Machu Pichu, this 33 km track is known for its ruins. This trail was laid by the Incas, and still retains much of the construction. It is also a path that is traversed by thousands, especially during April-October time.


9. Shackleton’s Route, South Georgia

This 50 km trail is known after explorer Ernst Shackleton, who led three British expeditions to Antarctica. This trek will take two to three days to complete.

Shackleton's Route, South Georgia Island, South Atlantic/Antarctica - Aaren  Adventure

10. Toubkal Circuit, Morocco

This two-week trek includes ascending Mount Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa, and traversing the rugged landscapes of Toubkal National Park. The trek also provides an opportunity for hikers to stay in picturesque African villages and witness the North African culture.