Top 5 fashion trends set by Rachel from “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” that are still popular

Friends gave us “Rachel” and the fashion bar she set in the 90s, is still going strong!

They said “I’ll be there for you” and decades later they still are! FRIENDS sitcom gave us the wave of cult and fandom that nobody has ever seen in the history of soap operas. While all the six characters cannot be loved less, Rachel stood out to be holding a special place in fashion lovers’ hearts.

From her hair to her shoes, she is indeed a girl who knows how to set a trend even without trying much harder. However, brace yourself for this special episode “the one where Rachel starts fashion evolutions.”


1. Layered clothes never disappoint

It is a classic look that still goes high on in today’s world and generation. The overlaying dress makes it easier to wear your perfect summer dress even in winters. From pairing your black dress with a white blouse to swapping the top with a sweater, makes all the difference. Rachel made it through the show with a constant change of clothing style keeping up the same trend. Yas queen!

2. Lace is power!

Lace and see-through garments are one of the loves that are still going strong today with many people giving a different take to the trend. Take a plain bland pair of trousers and pair it with a sexy lace sheer top and the whole look steps up from being street to pose. It is sexy and provides perky touch to the wearer giving that elegant touch to the look.

3. The dark pantyhose for elegance!

Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel Green made one thing clear through her fashion evolution that if you want to make it elegant and posh, wear pantyhose! The character loved pairing her short skirts and dresses with dark black pantyhose elevating her looks from street to high end. No matter what type of cloth you may take on, adding that skin-hugging accessory to your lower parts makes all the difference.

4. Monochromatic diva looks

While some people stay away from wearing the same colors, our Queen made the fail as a trend that promoted people to go monochromatic. Her looks from wearing the same colored dress and skirt paired with the same color scarf not only made it perfect but also elevated the look to a thousand. The main thing to remember is to take on the color that goes with your skin and hair.

5. Animal print lives on!

The animal print look of Rachel green has traveled through time bringing that hot diva lookout of people. No matter if it’s a pair of pants, or a blouse, or even a coat, animal prints takes any look to high-end fashion. Animal prints are very versatile and anyone can wear them.

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