Top 5 french fries brands and the history of french fries

Do you know 13 July is National french fries day in the USA? Though the origin of French fries is vague, its widely accepted that these fries originated in Belgium. Belgian villagers use to slice their fish really thin, fry them, and eat them as a snack. But in the winter months when the river would freeze, it would get difficult for the villagers to fish. What started out as an alternative paved the way for the creation of our beloved French fries.

1. Steuben’s Gravy Cheese Fries

Steuben’s fries are covered in brown gravy and melted mozzarella it can be topped with anything you want, like green chiles, fried eggs, or bacon. It is one of the best french fries in entire Denver and even in America.

2. Arby’s: Curly Fries

Probably the best french fries in entire Georgia, Curly Fries manage to so consistently steal the show from the rest of the menu. Top them with a combo of Arby’s Sauce and Horsey Sauce and trust me you’ll taste the best fries of your life.

3. AT&T Park’s Gilroy Garlic Fries

Gilroy Garlic fries are yet another lip-smacking Fries that will leave you wanting more. There are 25 spots around the stadium dedicated just to the local favorite, made with garlic from nearby Gilroy. This San Fransico-based restaurant hence makes it to the top 5 list in America.

4. Hyde Park Bar & Grill’s Hyde Park Fries

Right since Hyde Park Bar & Grill opened in 1982, this place is famous for its fries soaked in buttermilk, then breaded and fried, and served with his special sauce: a mix of mayo, jalapenos, and dill.

5. Susie’s Drive-Thru’s Cheese Fries

Susie’s has been serving french fries in crunchy flour tortilla shells for 40 years. And these fries indeed have a magical effect on its tasters. They melt in your mouth literally. Cheesy cheese fries!

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