Travis Barker gets a new “Kourtney” tattoo admitting his love

Travis Barker added a new “Kourtney” tattoo on his chest keeping his lover close to his heart.

Is the fire between Kardashian and Barker is finally at the next level? Are we gonna see a summer wedding? Is Barker all set to be “serious” about Kourtney? The list of questions is long enough to make our heads dizzy! After Travis Barker imprinted the “Kourtney” tattoo on his chest.


Recently, the singer-songwriter, Travis Barker was seen out and about in the streets of Los Angeles being shirtless and something very unusual caught the eyes of the onlookers. Travis was a bare body on the upper portion which revealed the upper body tattoos on his body. The unusual thing was that the paparazzi noticed a new addition to the canvas, which was the name of his lady love.

Travis has embedded the name of his current flame Kourtney Kardashian on his chest slyly hiding it under the other tattoos. The two of the stars are currently “in love” with each other taking family trips and celebrating holidays. We never know what holds in the future of this Kardashian Barker story, but we hope we at last get to see Kourtney in a white dress.

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