Tyra Madison in her new music video ‘Weekend, rejoices ‘an easy kind of love’

Singer Tyra Madison comes up with her new music video ‘Weekend’ to rejoice an easy, care-free love.

Tyra Madison is back with her new music video ‘Weekend’ to rejoice and celebrate an easy and effortless kind of love.

The ‘Weekend’ would be premiered on Hollywood Life. In her ‘Weekend’ Tyra wants to give up on all complexities of life and live it carefree.

She wants to let go of all negativity and pain and go easy with her life, having no space for life stresses, failures, heartbreaks and live her life to the fullest!

In ‘Weekend’ Tyra can be seen singing on the beautiful beach in South Florida. The lyrics go like, Oh, and there’s room for someone special. “When I’m with you, babe/ You know how to make even a Monday/Feel like the weekend,”

Tyra further shares with Hollywood Life, “The entire process of shooting the music video for ‘Weekend’ came together almost effortlessly. My family was going to be taking a quick vacation to Ft. Lauderdale Beach, and I thought, ‘why NOT shoot the video in beautiful, sunny Florida?’ The entire concept came together perfectly once we decided on the location and the director, Dov Gurewicz, really brought the treatment home. I couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out.”

Tyra further added, “After being stuck inside during the pandemic throughout the last year, I thought everyone else could use an upbeat, feel-good song – just like I needed!”

She says that ‘Weekend’ is all about an easy kind of love and that she can’t wait any longer for people to enjoy her music in their cars with windows down on bright sunny days and dance on beaches with a drink in hand.

‘Weekend’ is penned by Jesse Lee, Will Weatherly and Brooke Eden.