US Elections 2020: Joe Biden defends Obamacare at Michigan voter mobilizer event

Obamacare gives free healthcare to American citizens. Joe Biden wants to protect the act from the Republican hands of Donald Trump.

At the voter mobilization event in Michigan, on Friday, presidential nominee Joe Biden promoted Obamacare as part of the presidential campaign. Michigan, being a swing state, is an important vote for the presidential candidates.

Joe Biden defended the Affordable Care Act which provided affordable healthcare for most American citizens. “If I have the honor of becoming your president, we’ll build on the Affordable Care Act, no matter what they do,” he said. Earlier at an event in Detroit, he said, “Look. Everybody knows who Donald Trump is, let’s show them who we are.”  The Trump agenda, according to Biden, will cancel Obamacare if it re-elected. President Trump’s controversial nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barret is an indicator.


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare among American locals, was passed by the Obama administration on 23 March 2010 with the intent of providing accessible health care for American citizens.