Vin Diesel’s new neighbors get upset on his high end security, write notes to the star complaining

Neighbors write letters to Vin Diesel complaining about his high-end security.

Being a Hollywood superstar in a peaceful neighborhood can be a big deal! Recently, the action hero and the Hollywood hunk, Vin Diesel faces scrutiny from his neighbors on having high tight security.


The “Fast and Furious” star is currently renting a home for him and his family in the Dominican Republic amidst his new project. To keep his family safe and free from any chaos, the star has taken it the service of 12 highly trained guards and officers from the local center. While the family is sound about their safety, the neighbors settled around the home are quite agitated with the uncanny behaviors showed by the guards.

Reportedly, the next-door neighbor of the “xxx” star wrote a note about taking down the security a little lower and regulate the behavior of the guards and the way they treat the commoners. The last cap on the head of the neighbors popped open on Easter day when the guards blocked the road for Diesel’s kids to ride bikes freely. It’s definitely not an easy thing to cooperate with!

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