Watch out for these Top 10 K-drama soundtracks, that prove to be as enthralling as the shows

We cannot emphasize enough on the reasons to watch K-dramas. One of them being their equally amazing soundtracks, we have a few recommendations just for you!

K-dramas are well known and appreciated for not only their brilliant cinematography, immensely talented actors and addictively humourous plots and stories, but also for their original soundtracks.

Adding to the charm and wonder of the shows, songs are a great way to accelerate a mood or enhance scenic emotions.

Enticing viewers since years, here are some timeless compilations of popular K-dramas that will send you to a magical world of imagination and nostalgia.


#1 A Korean Odyssey

Right from featuring ballads and heavy guitar numbers to dramatic instrumental ones, this soundtrack showcases a wide range of versatility with different sound types, proving to be as indulgent and dreamy, suiting perfectly to the series’ fantasy world.


#2 Crash Landing On You

Not just the title of this drama series will make your heart crash land on the show, but also the songs featuring on it’s soundtrack.

Making for emotional and heartfelt numbers, the listeners would definitely need tons of piles of tissues, as they weep rivers of tears with each gone by lyric.


#3 While You Were Sleeping

This is definitely something that fans can’t miss out on, as this soundtrack contains songs performed by some of the lead actors from the drama show.

Featuring some amazing renditions by Suzy in ‘I Love You Boy’ and Lee Jong-suk in ‘Come to Me’, this playlist is surely a must listen!


#4 Romance Is A Bonus Book

A brilliant compilation indeed, this one serves to be a audio treat, as each track on the list is a favourite recommendation, that is sure to get you hooked to the artists who’ve performed the number.


#5 Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo

You will just not get enough of this serene soundtrack, filled with the goodness of surreal divinity, as you embark on this journey towards divinity.

Known to instantly enhance your mood and perk up your personality, this list is nothing but soulful and relaxing, making for an ideal background music, either while sleeping or at study.


#6 Boys Over Flowers

A 2009 classic, this show marked the beginning of a plethora of people’s journeys into the hypnotizing world of K-dramas.

A worthy of your time and attention, this soundtrack is surely a great recommendation, with some outstanding numbers that include T-Max’s ‘Paradise and SHINee’s ‘Stand By Me’. 


#7 Hotel Del Luna

Full of anything but not so superhit tracks, we know this one rules millions of hearts, as the numbers portray the effortless talent and melodious vocals of some of the most infamous and our favourite K-pop artists like K-Pop stars like Red Velvet, HEIZE, TAEYEON, TAEYONG and CHUNG HA.


#8 Guardian: The Lonely & Great God

Well renowned for stealing hearts, this playlist has mastered the skills of striking chords with the listeners and plucking at a few of their heartstrings.


#9 What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? 

Here comes a perfect one for a romantic dinner date!

This compilation has all it’s space strictly reserved for romantic numbers and love songs, featuring everything from ballads and flirty tracks to soothing acoustic music.


#10 Itaewon Class

Such a relatable masterpiece!

Every song will find you relating it to yourselves, as they are all about simple reality.

Revolving around the courage and desire to chase your dreams by overcoming every obstacle and breaking the glass ceiling, ‘Start Over’ by Gaho lets nothing come your way.

All about a teen’s fear of transforming into an adult, frightening away from the fact of growing up and getting submerged under the deep sea of responsibilities one day, Lee Chan Sol’s ‘Still Fighting It’ is one great inspiration.

Now we know some very apt reasons to start watching K-dramas, right away!


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