Wearing mask can be avoided in outdoor areas except in crowd, says Oregon health experts

People await new guidelines regarding the Coronavirus norms

Dr. Chunhuei Chi of Oregon State University’s Center for Global Health said it’s still probably a good idea to wear masks if you’re in a big crowd outdoors, but he also added it’s probably not necessary if you’re hiking somewhere or only passing people intermittently.

With the steeping graph of Coronavirus cases in the US, President Joe Biden is expected to announce new guidelines Tuesday regarding wearing masks outdoors.

Although there is a sense of uncertainty on what will be the announcement, people are expecting some relaxation of Covid 19 norms.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention understated the importance of disinfecting surfaces when it comes to tackling the pandemic. Officials said that cleaning surfaces are not necessarily a waste of time, instead, people should be much more concerned about airborne transmission of the virus.