When Shawn Mendes stunned everyone by appearing as Marshmello

Here’s how Shawn and Marshmello fooled the audience.

The American DJ and electronic music producer Marshmello is one of those icons who rules the hearts of electronic music lovers and people go crazy on his beats.

Still, no one has seen his face and he appears in public wearing a white cylindrical helmet and it seems as if the whole world is the Masked singer’s audience and Marshmello is a contestant in it.

But there were some rumours that renowned singer and Camilla Cabello’s boyfriend Shawn mendes is Marshmello and all this began when Shawn and Marshmello decided to fool the people by playing a joke.

During the iHeart Radio Awards show on behalf of Marshmello, Shawn Mendes went to take the award for the song FRIENDS and he just lifted the helmet and showed his face. People were shocked considering they would have never thought that Marshmello is Shawn Mendes. Even the anchors got stunned. Or, maybe ,they were involved in the joke too.

People kept on looking at him in shock while he gave the Thank-you speech.

Netizens reacted to it and said that maybe Marshmello was enjoying this moment while sitting In the audience.

Marshmello has opened up on why he does not shows his face the reason was simple and it’s the one for which many celebrities starve. He just wanted to be away from fame and is here to do something positive for his fans and people around the world.