White nationalists prepare for confrontation at the Dallas CPAC conference

Nicholas Fuentas, a White nationalist and Unite the Right attendee, and the de facto leader of the ultra-far-right “grouper” movement, has announced his intentions to attend a Conservative Political Action Conference gathering this weekend, in Dallas, even though he has not been welcomed at previous CPAC events.

The years-long feud between Fuentes and CPAC organizers seems to have escalated on Wednesday after Fuentes’ declaration.


“I’m going to CPAC in Dallas on Saturday,” he tweeted to his loyal “groyper army. “Well, most likely, I’ll be getting physically removed from CPAC in Dallas on Saturday, but you can come watch if you want,” he added.

Since 2019, Fuentes has regularly been showing up at CPAC gatherings, making a spectacle out of it and attempting to push his rhetoric at the American Conservative Union’s events. On occasion, he has managed to make both participants and organizers quite uncomfortable. This year is setting up to be another one of those spectacles.

Jared Holt, a resident fellow at Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab and a former reporter for Right Wing Watch, commented on the feud in an interview with Salon. “Nick Fuentes and his followers seem to only go to those conferences to antagonize other participants,” Hold said in a phone interview. “It creates situations that have resulted in them being kicked out of the conference. I imagine if they have similar plans in Dallas … their time inside the conference will be short-lived.”

Holt went on to add that Fuentes and the “groypers” see CPAC as a way to “boost their own visibility” and attempt to “siphon off” attendees from more mainstream conservative groups.

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