Who does Cressida Cowper marry in Bridgerton? Read to find out!

In Bridgerton, who exactly does Cressida Cowper elopes with? This is the query that is now causing people’s minds to race. In order to discover more about this, let’s explore it a bit further. The second season of “Bridgerton” follows Viscount Anthony Bridgerton, the eldest member of the titular family, as he looks for a new spouse. As funny as it is to see how the Sharma sisters’ presence throws his plans off course, especially with the disobedient Kate, there is also a bewildering ensemble of supporting players that lend to the show’s candy-colored depiction of Regency-era London’s appeal.

Cressida Cowper frequently attends high society events and embodies the Ton’s traits, especially his sarcastic ones. After a few years on the circuit, Cressida has acquired a quick tongue that she uses to trash rival young women in the presence of potential suitors. Will she be able to meet a husband?


The Ton’s “mean girl,” Cressida Cowper, is always prepared with a scathing remark whenever someone doesn’t keep up appearances. Unlike the Featheringtons, who have lived a difficult existence, Cressida comes from a wealthy family and seems to take pleasure in disparaging others. Naturally, this increases the appeal of Cressida’s minor setbacks and adds to the “juiciness” of the show.

Several times in Season 1, Daphne Bridgerton is seen putting Cressida in her place. A particularly enjoyable instance of schadenfreude is when the latter tries to keep Prince Friedrich’s interest only to be ignored when the prince is fascinated by Daphne’s presence. Additionally, Cressida sees Daphne and the Duke sharing a kiss in the garden. She then makes an effort to confront Daphne about her “impropriety,” but is cut off by the eldest Bridgerton daughter, who begs Cressida not to enmity a future Dutchess.

When things with Prince Friedrich don’t work out, Cressida goes on the “hunt” once more in Season 2. She is noticed by Lord Jack Featherington, a relatively young man who has just relocated from the United States to assume control of the Featherington estate. The latter appeared to have a similar interest in Cressida, but for different motives. Then it is revealed that Jack Featherington is poor and only wants to marry her for her money. It turns out that Cressida is also after Jack because of his apparent wealth.

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Due to Lady Portia Featherington’s misguided tactics, Jack is ultimately forced to wed Prudence Featherington. Cressida is consequently left without a suitable suitor once more. In the season 2 finale, Queen Charlotte also counsels Edwina Sharma to think about marrying Prince Friedrich, the Queen’s nephew, which further worries Cressida. Therefore, Cressida is destined to take part in another wedding season’s pageantry until the end of season 2 of “Bridgerton” (though she doesn’t seem to mind).

Because “Bridgerton” is based on Julia Quinn’s historical romance novels, we decided to go farther in the book series to discover whether Cressida ever meets a suitor. There aren’t many details about her romance because she isn’t a major character, but for those of you who are curious about what happens in the books, Cressida seems to get married.

In ‘Romancing Mr. Bridgerton,’ the fourth volume of the series, Cressida is referred to as Lady Twombley. She seems to be carrying on with her tricks and trying to take the credit for being Lady Whistledown. Colin Bridgerton, as usual, foils her plot, nevertheless. The fourth volume, however, makes it clear that Cressida marries Lord Twombley, who later passes away, leaving Cressida a widow.

It appears that Cressida has found herself a suitor as a result. He appears to pass quite quickly, though. She also makes an appearance as Lady Twombley in Julia Quinn’s 2010 book “Ten Things I Love About You,” which is a part of the author’s “Bevelstoke” series of books.