WWE tops the night, following Shark Tank and 20/20: Friday Night Ratings

WWE tops the Friday night ratings by 0.6.

The epic throwback of Friday night SmackDown was at its peak.

Friday night SmackDown telecasted some good old memories and that secured the WWE entertainment channel the first place with 0.6 points.

In second position, was the previous winner ABC’s Shark Tank, which was 0.5 on the night when it all happened. But the sudden change of charts did not affect the 0.4 points holding 20/20 with its story on a toddler’s murder.

Another rerun, Kids Say The Darndest Things  gained on MacGyver with 0.3 points.

The Blue Bloods ratings where affected as the audience fell a 10% from its last weeks putting it into a point score of 0.4.

At NBC, The Blacklist with the Raymond Reddington saga held it position steady with 0.3 points.  Newsmagazine Dateline did better with a  score of 0.4 for it episode on the Michigan Murder.

The first season of Dynasty in the CW scored an very feeble of 0.0 with 294k viewership, while Charmed come in at an 0.4.