Zack Snyder’s new Army of the Dead trailer breaks the internet with its new zombie tigers addition

The new trailer for Army of Dead is out and we cannot wait to see the zombie tiger!

What happens when you lead a team to assassinate a bunch of dead people who are willing to eat your brain? You call Zack Synder to make a movie out of it!

The new Army of the Dead trailer is dropped on the internet and the world is going crazy with some new additions and kick-ass storyline. The motley crew which is being led by Dave Bautista comes in contact with the deadly zombies in Las Vegas beating and killing them, AGAIN! The “big man” Bautista aka Scott Ward was offered a huge sum of $50 million to rob a vault but has to cross the city of undead people of Vegas to reach the spot.


The trailer is able to create havoc in fans’ minds while they desperately wait for the release of this amazing movie. The addition of the zombie tiger names Valentine has got viewers’ attention giving the story a needed twist to a simple zombie heist movie. The wait is to see what holds at the end of this “deadly” heist.

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