An ultimate guide to bong, their types, and other faqs

A bong is not a new device. Bong’s history dates back to the 14th century, when cannabis was getting known across the globe. It has a rich history and has been used by many cultures and communities for years.

Now, in this age as well, with the growing popularity of bongs, many different bong types have come up in the market that you can pick from. Here is a detailed guide to bongs and how to find affordable bongs.


What is a bong?

A bong is a smoking device that is used to smoke weed. A bong is also called a water bong, as they tend to contain a water chamber that helps filter the raw smoke from the weed.

Every bong has a generalized design that includes a bowl, neck, water chamber, and mouthpiece. The bowl gets filled with the raw smoke from the weed, and then it passes through the channel. After this, the smoke gets filtered by passing through the water chamber. Then it reaches the mouthpiece, from where you can inhale it.

Some popular bong types are:

  • Bubbler bongs
  • Scientific bongs
  • Mini bongs
  • Dabbing bongs
  • Carburetor bongs
  • Round bottom bongs
  • Beaker shaped
  • Straight tube bong

Benefits Of Using Bongs

There are quite a few benefits that you can experience when you start using bongs.

  • Better Filtration: Bong has a better filtration system that helps filter out some major hazardous elements. Burning anything directly on fire leads to carcinogen production. Bong filters the smoke and helps remove most carcinogens and harmful particles. Also, smoke filtration helps remove the tar, preventing it from ultimately ruining the taste of the smoke.
  • Smoother Hit: When smoking, many of you must have experienced the burning sensation afterward. It can be pretty unpleasant for new smokers and enthusiasts. While smoking, the smoke can have other particles, which combust and leave a bitter taste. But, if you use a bong, the smoke gets filtered. This removes the bitter and smoky flavor and produces a smooth hit.
  • Strong Hits: If you are experienced in smoking weed, you know that blunts and joints do not produce big hits. Small hits may not give you the desired effect. With a bong, bigger hits can add to the entire smoking experience. You can fill the bong bowl and inhale all of it in a single go. This will allow smoking bigger hits that will help you relax quickly.
  • Prevent Mold And Bacterial Growth: Cannabis smoking can be one of the reasons behind the bacterial infection. Cannabis itself, if not properly cleaned, can have bacterial growth in it. Or, if the joint or blunt is passed from one person to another, there is a higher risk of contamination. But, if you use a bong, the bong water helps trap the mold spread and bacteria in it. When you smoke, these bacteria do not travel up your respiratory system.

How to Choose a Bong?

When you are choosing a bong for the first time, then you know that two most crucial things to ponder upon are:

1. Size of the bong

You can find bongs in varying sizes ranging from; small to medium and large bongs. The size of the bongs is based on the size of the bowl. Small bongs can hold a small amount of weed resulting in smaller hits. They are perfect for personal use. Big bowls will hold more smoke and thus can be used for group activities. You can find party bongs, which are ideal for a large group of people who will smoke together.

You can find male and female bongs as well. Male bongs have a wider neck connecting the bowl and female bongs with narrow necks.

2. Material of the bong

The number of materials you can find them in can boggle your mind when it comes to bongs. Some of the common materials when it comes to bongs are:

  • Acrylic bongs
  • Wood bongs
  • Metal
  • Bamboo
  • Ceramic
  • Glass

Choosing the suitable material for the bong should depend on its overall quality, cost, and style. Glass, ceramic, and wood bongs are ubiquitous among experienced smokers. But, if you are new to smoking, then picking acrylic bongs is a good start.


What is the Cheaper Bong Type?

Acrylic bongs are the cheapest among all the other alternatives.

What is the Cost Range Of Bongs?

You can find affordable bongs at different prices depending on the style and material in the market. However, the most common range is from $50 to $500.

What is a Percolator?

It is in-built or an extra attachment that comes with the bong. It helps filter and cools down the smoke.

What is an Ice Catch?

Some bongs tend to come with ice catch which is an additional part built-in the bong. You can place ice pieces in it. It helps smoothen the smoke and filter it further.

What is a Bong Screen?

A Bong Screen is a metal screen that you can attach to the bong neck to help filter the ash from the smoke. It also helps in keeping the bong clean.