California Governor draws winners of $116.5 million vaccination lottery

California Governor Gavin Newsom helped draw the first winners of the largest vaccine incentive program in the U.S on Friday.

Newsom helped draw the state’s $116.5 million vaccination lottery, which included three winners from Los Angeles County and one from Orange County.

The winners were the first 15 out of 30 to receive $50,000 each from the state’s “Vax for the Win” COVID-19 vaccine incentive program.

Standing in front of a lottery ball machine that was used to select the winners, Newsom said, “there were 21.5 million eligible Californians, and 15 were picked at random.”

Other selected winners on Friday belong to Mendocino, Santa Clara, Alameda, San Diego, San Francisco and San Luis Obispo counties.

Any California resident of the age 12 and older, who had received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose were automatically entered to win the lottery, irrespective of their immigration status.

The next batch of 15 winners who will win $50,000 will be declared next Friday on June 11.