[Exclusive] Indian Music producer Vineet Kumar credits Honey Singh for his instant success, talks about his musical journey

Vineet Kumar is one of the reputed personals of the Indian music industry who is all set to create a difference with his creative aspects. A charismatic person who started of being a regular employee working a 9 to 5 job and left that well-earning job to start his own career in the security business.

The wonder of time and hard labor gave him national recognition in the business world through his high-functioning security company. With that goodwill of his name, he ventured into opening up his own Z lounge in Delhi that led him to meet the biggest superstar of India, Yo Yo Honey Singh. The man is grandeur in himself, however, the meet and greet with the singer, came as a turning point in Kumar’s career and he started managing Singh’s shows, concerts, and bookings.


They say when you are high enough in your life, you get to see a fall! And the major losses in Vineet Kumar’s life were obstacles but they failed to shake his core. The man got back in action with his entertainment company Weez Entertainment, producing and directing some of the biggest hits of the Punjabi Music Industry.

However, amidst all the Coronavirus mayhem and chaos burning around the globe, the man behind some greatest hits sat down with USA Newshour for an exclusive interview discussing his career, life, and future business plans.

When asked about his career shift from being a marketing expert to a director bringing a huge change in the entertainment industry, Kumar was validating to answer “I never stuck to one thing for a longer time, I achieve the satisfaction and move on to something new.” While being a music director and producer, Vineet Kumar gave a platform to many young fresh talents like Star Boy Loc, Money Sondh, and more with a vision to help the “underdog” giving the deserving talents a mentor to guide them rightly. The producer launched “Star Boy Loc” providing him a chance to prove himself resulting in huge career success for the singer globally.

With the unwrapping of the interview session, Vineet went on to describe his transition from a regular man to an “entertainment king” defining it as a hard task but not impossible. He added, “I am lucky enough to have a team who was clear what I want to do, the struggle was little less.” The countless sleepless nights, the investments and everything eventually paid off when you touch the success, which why Kumar is of utmost pride in what he has done till now.

It’s not all work in Vineet Kumar’s production, he definitely believes, “Make your passion your profession you enjoy every moment of it If you are not enjoying it why you are doing it.” Kumar has a profound mark on the Punjabi Music industry bringing out some peppy new songs from his production. Moreover, the question about “the future” of the Punjabi Music industry made him ecstatic with the answer saying “it’s already global” and needs no more extra help.

Vineet is all up for widening his perspective towards all genres and giving the artists from various languages a goal for global domination. Kumar takes his songs and work seriously and is open to criticism keeping aside the hurdles. When asked about his take on Bhojpuri music and Haryanvi music Kumar was open about the criticism and “absurd” content that takes the genre steps back to reach the global level.

While talking about Indian rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh, Vineet Kumar was starstruck with the aura and charisma that rapper brought into his work and life-giving him the opportunities that boosted his career.  “He is a legend, was a legend and will always be a legend” is how Kumar describes the star with all his stature. Kumar credits his all success to Honey Singh quoting him ‘Best in Business’.

In the present scenario, Vineet Kumar holds an unbreaking ground in the Indian Entertainment industry and the music world reaching heights with each of his work. “he will go places” what he said about Honey Singh years back, and this what we predict about this extraordinary multi visionary man today. Vineet is currently all set to get into Big Screen with his new movie project and we surely cannot wait to see him blast it out!