FBI Director Wray destroys conspiracy theory that January 6 rioters were ‘fake Trump protesters’

Wray was pressed by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Dick Durbin on whether the FBI has seen any proof that fake Trump protestors were involved in the January 6 attack.

FBI Director Chris Wray told lawmakers Tuesday that the FBI has not seen any proof that indicates the rioters who took part in the January 6 US Capitol attack were “fake Trump protesters,” bringing down a baseless claim that has been pushed by Republican Sen. Ron Johnson as he has attempted to play down the violence committed by supporters of former President Donald Trump in recent weeks.

Wray was pressed by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Dick Durbin on whether the FBI has seen any proof that individuals involved in the January 6 attack were posing as Trump supporters. He was appearing for the 1st time since pro-Trump rioters breached the Capitol nearly two months ago.

Wray said, “We have not seen evidence of that, at this stage, certainly,” when Durbin asked if he had seen any evidence the riot was organized by “fake Trump protesters.”

Wray said Antifa and other left-wing groups were not part of the violence on January 6 — even as several Republicans tried to use Tuesday’s hearing as a chance to emphasize the threat posed by those groups rather than focus on those who were involved in the Capitol attack.

Wray told the Senate committee Tuesday that they have not, to date, seen any evidence of anarchist violent extremists or people subscribing to Antifa in connection to the 6th.

More than 260 defendants have been charged in federal court related to their actions in and around the US Capitol siege on January 6. Many of them profess allegiance to Trump, disgust for Congress, and are supportive of the revolution.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin told reporters on Monday that there are threats to America today that should be the priority. 

According to the Illinois Democrat said additional to January 6-related questions that are important to be answered include: “What did he know? And when did he know it? And who did he tell? Those are questions that have been raised in other hearings. But he is the man of the hour. As head of the FBI, I think he has a special position, place, to answer the question.”

In connection with the January 6 riot,  more than 267 individuals are facing federal charges and the Justice Department continues to announce new arrests and charges.

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