Georgia police rescues trapped woman in burning car, video surfaces

A bodycam video of officers running towards a burning car and rescuing an unconscious 18-year-old woman who was trapped inside was released by the Police in Georgia.

After observing flames coming out from the hood of a 1998 Lincoln Town car, Savannah Police Department’s seven officers responded to the scene of a crash at 11:45 PM on Monday.

While the driver was able to escape the car, a woman who lied in an unresponsive state, remained inside the front passenger seat. The officers realized that the passenger door was either locked or jammed as a result of the accident.

A collection of the officer-worn bodycam video showcases the police officers running toward the burning car before smashing open the car’s windows. In the video, the fire can be heard frizzling from the hood of the car as someone howling, “Get her out!”

The officers are finally able to pull the woman out of the front passenger seat.

After the rescue stint, Savannah firefighters arrived shortly and extinguished the fire.

The police stated that later on, both the driver and the woman were shifted to a hospital for serious injuries.