Get Vaxxed For Snacks: Instacart gives away free snacks for those who are vaccinated

Instacart, an American company that operates a grocery delivery and pick-up service in the United States and Canada is now teaming up with the White House to encourage customers to get vaccinated by providing them free snacks.

The move is a part of its support to President Biden’s initiative to get 70 per cent of adults vaccinated by Independence Day and it consists of the company offering a free snack contest, appropriately called the Get Vaxxed For Snacks sweepstakes giving customers nationwide a chance to win a summer of free snacks, with 200 winners being selected on July 1.

As part of the company’s COVID-19 Shopper Vaccine Stipend Program, it has contributed around $2 million to support its customers getting vaccinated so far, according to Instacart. Its new move is also covered under the program.

“Instacart is proud to join the White House’s effort to encourage more vaccinations in the U.S. so we can all gather safely around the table again and celebrate summertime with friends and family,” said Apoorva Mehta, Founder & CEO of Instacart.