Hair woes after prolonged messy buns and no shower days at home? Don’t worry we got what you need!

A good shampoo is a godsend! How many times have we wanted to pull out our rubberbands and see flawless, voluminous hair cascade down! *sighs*

Here are some shampoos hairstylists swear by for lustrous and voluminous hair, some for every hair type! Curls or straight as spaghetti, let your hair loose like some good ol’ confetti!

Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo


“This formula is great for anyone looking to create a beachy style and it also smells amazing,” Melissa Parizot says.

Get yours from at $14.00.

Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt

“This is a great supplement to a volumizing shampoo, as it’s great for an itchy scalp or sebaceous scalp, to help exfoliate and revitalize the hair, thus creating more volume,” Ryan Trygstad explains. “It’s also great during the winter on dry elbows and knees!”
How we love a product that has more than one uses! 
Buy at Christophe for $39.75

Muroto Volume Shampoo

“I love this shampoo for volume,” Trgystad says. “While it’s an amazing volumizing shampoo, it also adds a lot of shine to the hair for a flawless finish.”
And who can resist holding that gorgeous bottle! 
Get yours at Shu for $49.00

Full Shampoo

Perhaps the most pocket-friendly shampoo on our list! 😀
Trystad uses this formula on clients who “need volume” and have “product buildup.”
Buy at for $5.00

First Class Detoxifying Charcoal Shampoo

“Everyone should be resetting their hair by detoxifying any product buildup, oil and impurities from their hair and scalp and then replenishing lightweight nutrients back into the hair in between their normal shampoo and condition routine.” Chase Kusero says. “This formula is great to use once a week as a fresh start.”
Buy at for $27.00


So ladies, stop fussing over your hair with these amazing fuss-free volumizing shampoos!