These celebrities look as gorgeous now as they did in the ’90s

There is always one ‘ eye-catching’ look of a celebrity that makes it a classic one. Coordination of beauty and style over the years probably improves their look over time.

Here are 10 such celebrities showcasing a pattern of previous looks with the current trend.

Jennifer Lopez

Adding style to her unique beauty, a skin-fit parallel white gown! The crowning glory to Jennifer Lopez.

Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox looks stunning in white attires, and here is a red jaw-dropping red look. What else could look perfect on her!

Miley Cyrus

From the cutest childhood look ever to a ‘literal’ white and red casual has been Miley’s everyday favorite.

Kate Hudson

Always killing the red carpet with her unique style, here is another yellow attire from Kate’s red carpet pose.

Scarlett Johansson

From the cutest 90’s girl to the most stunning present-day Actor, Scarlett is killing it!

Dakota Johnson

Here’s Dakota’s first-time red carpet look. Could it be more stunning?

Angelina Jolie

The perfect ‘Angelina Jolie’ Look.

January Jones

Elegance on the peak, style above the sky!

Demi Moore

Still the most charismatic and beautiful, how gorgeous!

Mary Kate and Ashley Olson

Matching style since the ’90s but each look was a stunner! perfect

Whether it is the ’90s or today, these stunning beauties have been the epitome of glamour, and there is no countering that!