Top 10 amazing facts about USA revealed!

The United States of America with 50 states has its imprints on the Global Culture. This largest economy in the world has lots of cool stuff to offer. Here are few interesting facts about America.

1. Corn Palace 

You read it right. There’s a Corn Palace in America! They are raw and painted though don’t tryna taste but yes this palace is entirely made up of corn. It’s located in South Dakota. During annual events in the months of July and September, this palace becomes even more royal.

2. Alaska was originally Russian

Alaska, which has USA’s tallest mountain peak and is an extremly beautiful state, was a part of Russia till1867. After which Russia sold it to America.

3. Statue of Liberty is French

The World famous Statue of Liberty is actually a gift from France. How generous of them but the hilarious part is that 3 years later, America gifted a smaller version of same statue to France. Imagine you gift me Hershey’s chocolate and on your birthday I gift you a smaller version of the same bar.

4. American Flag changed 27 times

Americans love their flag. It’s almost everywhere but do you know it had 27 different versions. Though each of them has its own symbolic meaning but the origins of the first one are quite unclear.

5. London bridge is in Arizona

Well to all the non- Americans, its like a thunderclap. The famous London bridge is in Arizona and not in London. It was sold to America in an auction 200 years ago.

6. Presidential Heads

There exists 42 presidential heads designed by David Adickes that are approx 20 ft tall and are placed in a private property in Virginia. Isn’t it a weird yet extremely amazing fact?

7. Longest Cave System

The USA has world’s longest cave system, Mammoth Cave National Park. Not just this, USA is home to various magical caves.

8. Hollywood

The world famous center of entertainment, Hollywood is situated in the USA.  There exist various landmarks such as the brass star embedded Walk of Fame and the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

9. Las Vegas: Gambling Capital

This famous city is home to various casinos and is renowned for its nightlife, entertainment, gambling, and shopping. It is also known as gambling capital of the world.

10. Boring city in Oregon

Well ‘Boring’ is the name of city not an adjective. It is hub for timber industry. The city was named after its founder, William H Boring and even celebrates a boring day, annual celebration to comemorate the day it seperated from Scotland.

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