Top 10 apps that will make your hustling life easy

Living in today’s modern age of increasing competition by the second, pressure to perform, and multiple responsibilities in all spheres and domains of life- it is no wonder that we need a certain set of tools to make our lives easier. Here’s a list of 10 apps you should definitely check out to not only increase your productivity and save your time but to also have some fun!








If you’re an Android or iOS user who’s looking to have more control over your mobile device while using a computer, AirDroid is the app for you as it allows users to remotely access their phone or tablet when they are working on a PC. Users can easily manage emails, SMS, contacts, photos, Whatsapp messages, and other data directly from their desktops. You don’t have to worry about your sensitive information as all private data (including account credentials, SMS, notification) is encrypted and transferred via a secure channel, and is never stored on the server.

2. Evernote








An app designed for note-taking, organizing, task management, and archiving, Evernote stores anything and everything that you could possibly imagine. Your to-do list for the day, boarding pass for work. restaurant and bar receipts, an article you’ve been waiting to read in your free time, or even a simply typed note-the app is brilliant in storing and keeping everything in sync between a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

3. EWG’s Healthy Living App

Worried about whether what you’re feeding into your system is healthy and safe? Try the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Healthy Living app. The new app combines three of EWG’s most popular resources, Skin Deep®, Food Scores, and the Guide to Healthy Cleaners help consumers find products that meet the organization’s rigorous standards for health and safety. The app is extremely user-friendly as well simply by scanning the barcode or entering the name of a product and you get a rating based on a 1 to 10 scale based on a variety of elements including ingredient concerns. By reviewing the findings, the lower the score the better it is, you can decide which is the healthiest option to purchase.


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This is a fairly popular on-demand delivery service. It’s also the first app to deliver whatever you want anything from your favorite restaurant to personal items such as groceries in less than an hour. You can choose to meet your Postmates person delivering from your restaurant or retailer at the door, or curbside, or go non-contact and have deliveries left at the door.

5. Freedom






Scrolling Instagram’s explore page for hours, going on a Youtube marathon, watching Facebook stories of everyone on the friendliest all day long on the Internet is something we’re all guilty of. Want to increase your productivity and get the tasks on your to-do list for the day checked out? Try the Freedom app. Freedom blocks distractions—both websites and apps—on all of your devices, simultaneously. Now you don’t have to block these social media apps on your computer just to open them immediately on your phone when the compulsion strikes. Your procrastination would end for good since on the Freedom app if you start a session, your distractions are blocked everywhere.








With its famous tagline, “All your money in one app”, Mint is an extremely efficient money management and organization app. Just by creating an account and connecting and syncing all your accounts with the software, you bring together all your finances. Through creating a budget, tracking income and expenses, and setting financial goals and next steps, Mint has helped around 24 million users to reach their financial goals.

7. Citymapper

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If you’re in a new city and worried about getting lost, try Citymapper. Integrating data for all urban modes of transport, including walking, driving, cycling, and also public transport it has been one of the best mobile navigation and mapping services for a long time.

8. SpotHero

Avoid all the stress and irritation that goes into finding a parking spot by using the SpotHero app through reserving parking with garages and lots, often at a discount to the drive-up rate. With SpotHero, you can search for options, compare rates, and reserve your spot online or via iOS or Android and save a few bucks as well!


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If you wish to take a break from your regular and monotonous chain restaurants, try the LocalEats app which is a simple yet effective food guide that allows you to look up and filter recommended eateries by location, price, category, award winners, and more. It’s not vague or difficult to use, in fact, you can make a well-informed decision to satisfy your hunger cravings through local food since each listed establishment on the app has an image, address, and a brief synopsis on the positives of dining there.


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If you’re a music enthusiast and after a long day of work the rhythm of beats gives you a sense of escape, then you should definitely download Pandora Radio for Android. This is a subscription-based music streaming service that lets you tap into an incredible library of music to create stations based on artists or songs, browse through genre-based stations, or fire up a shuffled playlist based on your listening history- basically, the algorithm allows you to listen to your favorite songs and also discover new ones based on your taste.