Trump falls 300 spots on Forbes billionaires list

Ex-President Trump fell nearly 300 spots on the Forbes billionaires list after his fortune dipped by more than $1 billion during his four years in office.

Trump, who ranked 1,001 on last year’s list, fell to 1,299 with an estimated worth of $2.4 billion on the Forbes billionaires list which released on Tuesday.

Trump’s estimated net worth in January 2017 was $3.5 billion when he entered office. This amount fell to $2.3 billion over the course of his presidency.

Forbes noted that Trump is richer now than he was a year ago when the outlet released its valuations at the beginning of the pandemic. His ranking slipped, Forbes wrote, because he could not keep pace with the other billionaires on the list who saw their fortunes rise.

The coronavirus pandemic and fallout from the deadly January 6 Capitol attack appears to have heavily impacted his business empire.

Several of Trump’s businesses, including hotels, casinos and office spaces, were hurt during the pandemic when workplaces shuttered and tourism came to a halt because of global travel restrictions.