Valve allows developers team up to form bundles on Steam

Video gaming company Valve has started allowing developers to team up to form bundles on the Steam gaming storefront.

It generated the new “DIY collaborative bundles” in a blog post on Wednesday, explaining the feature as a method to gather titles with “common themes.”

Steam has beforehand proposed multi-developer bundles, but only ones that were especially generated by the platform. Now, any developer can form a bundle and send an invitation link to other creators, who can then select to add their own projects.

The bundle owner then locks the bundle and participants agree to a name, royalty split, discount account, and other details.

All participants have to accept later game additions, but anyone can withdraw their game from the bundle unilaterally, and the bundle owner can change the explanation and art without acceptance, so Valve underlines that you should “be sure that you trust the owner of the bundle.”

Valve makers DIY bundles as a “co-marketing” option for related games, and as an option for breaking the royalties on soundtracks. Instead of the publisher selling a game’s soundtrack and sending along with funds, they can cooperate on a bundle with the musicians.