Whole Lotta Choppas remix debuts no.1 on iTunes

Whole Lotta Choppas, the already trending single, made its way to number 1 on iTunes after Nicki hoped in for a mom-vibe remix.

Nicki Minaj, true to her newly adopted titles as a mom, kicked in for a new record with Sada Baby: Whole Lotta Choppas. Being a mom is clearly a priority for Nicki when it’ comes to music as she raps “Nine months motherf***in’ pregnant, like what?”  

Sada Baby released the original trending record-turned Tik-Tok-dance-challenge early in the year.

Nicki’s jibing her motherhood vibes in her music and back home with her husband, Kenneth Petty. In case you missed it, Nicki and Kenneth welcomed their sweet lil’ angel on September 30.